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June 23, 2009


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Paul Kimo McGregor

I agree with all of the ten statements mentioned and why I miss working in a transit agency a whole lot. After getting laid off in San Jose in 2003, it's been a struggle to find a senior level planning job in a transit agency. I tried consulting work but that just doesn't seem to fit with me. People who start their careers in planning tend to stay in the positions for a very long time. Positions that do get posted seem to get filled through internal promotions. How can I, as an external candidate, enhance my position to try and be more competitive with internal candidates?

Lionel Pinn

I would add that our job is truly historic in nature because somewhere along some route, standing on a sidewalk, at the end of a driveway in the heat of a blistering day or under a rain soaked hoodie is a future leader of our country, a doctor or a scientist who will find that elusive cure. You never know, there may stand a future President of the Untied States.

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