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June 08, 2008


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Hey Steve!

You have a direct link to your blog from our MYSPACE page. The masses need to hear this message. All too often, mass transit websites are bland and chock full of useless information. A "You Tube" approach is most welcome. Pt's affordable, and has potential to attract new ridership. Right on!


Steve, I used to co-run SoCalTIP, a volunteer-based site that had information for every transit agency in Southern California, plus CAT in Las Vegas.

It proved to be too much for the volunteers to maintain, and few agencies provided us with support. Our aim was to become what is to the Bay Area.

One thing people loved about our site, and the major transit agencies are flagrant offenders: Our schedules were in plain text. Never, EVER use PDFs to publish print schedules. It shows the agencies are either lazy or don't have a competent web designer.

PDF is a wonderful file format for pre-press applications. For the web, 9 out of 10 PDFs should be converted to plain text.

The only legitimate use of PDF would be a system map. Most do not fit on 8.5 x 11 paper, and PDFs do not pixellate for close zooms. PDFs are never OK for schedules.


I beg to differ. PDF is probably the best format for portable schedules that I can keep on my laptop, as well as for archival purposes if I want to compare service. In addition, system maps are best delivered on PDF. The worst is to create schedules like 511 in tables which can't be saved to the computer for offline use and use confusing abbreviations. At least PDF is the same version as the paper edition.


totally agree that these sites/tools should be ready for primetime. We have the 'trip planner' here in l.a. it's ok, and could definitely see some improvement to make it more user friendly. can't wait until the system is integrated into google maps... which brings me to my next point... transit systems should have functional mobile versions of their sites as well! also pdf is great... but text should also be an option (i can't view pdf on my mobile phone). oh yeah and since many buses have gps on 'em, why not use that to let me know where my bus is on the map?!

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