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May 26, 2008


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I agree with your comments. Collectively we must encourage each other to work from home where ever possible. I believe with the correct safeguards in place it, the concerns some employgers have about productivity could easily be addressed. The impact on the environment be significant. Just think about all those pointless business flights.


Right on. I love public transit, too. Oh, you are very cute, by the way.


Staying home with your baby while maintaining your career is a rewarding experience you'll likely enjoy. Consider how some companies away with your money without giving you any decent job can run, it really is worth entering. Your peers are working with the same company as you, they are selling the same products as you, they have access to the same tools as you, they operate in the same market as you, their environment is the same as yours, "so why are they successful and I'm not.


incredibly rare these are like hitting the lottery your chances of obtaining these is one in several million. Usually, this is a fairly small fee, especially compared to the price of buying into an established, brick and mortar, retail franchise. Without consistent traffic, your online business will go nowhere fast.

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