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March 14, 2008


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Kathy Gorecki

I understand your concern on this one. I have a school bus driver who works for me who does not believe in seat belts either. When I continually pound on him about he importance of doing so, he tells me in his Latin accent, that in HIS country, they don't find seat belts important in motor vehicles so therefore he won't wear one, nor insist that his Spec Ed students wear one either. I keep reminding him that he is in OUR country now - and seat belts are the law.

It's quite frustrating for me and I'd like to "catch" him in the act someday and write him up for this. I haven't been successful yet, he's sneaky.

I read this same story that you refer to and I am appauled that a school bus driver would not be wearing their seat belt. Time and time again, you hear stories such as this one. Thanks for reminding me about it and I think I will print it out and post it for my drivers to see. As a professional driver, how can you keep these children safe if you fall out of your seat during a turn or bump in the road? As a manager, it's sad to say, that sometimes we over look some of these "minor" discrepiencies because we are short of drivers. Not sure what the best answer is on this one Steve. I'll try posting the original story and hope that subtleness can do the work for me.

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